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  1. tiredofbeingsquishy:

    135x5x6 (last set)

    Benching plates for reps is honestly what I’ve been dreaming about since day 1. Here’s my complete setup + reps with pauses at the bottom with my ~3" range of motion ☺️ I bench from the safety pins because I can’t reach the bar when it’s racked lmao

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    Do you remember the 21st night of September?

    (via ginasdanceblog)

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  4. mollymarine46:

    But at least this happened this morning…..295lbs #rackpulls just for 💩’s & giggles. I want #threehundy off the floor more than I do🍫 🍫 I’m coming for you 300lbs. #mondaymotivation #girlswholiftheavy #powerlifting #8weeksout #pineapplebun #strongerthanyesterday (at San Diego, California)

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  5. juancarlosdrd:

    Viva La Revolución independiente!
    There’s no excuse for abuse, protect yourself by any means necessary.

    Repost @greatbigstory with @repostapp
    At 84, Chandro Tomar, aka @ShooterDadiOfficial, is the oldest female sharpshooter in the world. Now she’s training other young women in her community, raising a new generation of girls that are calling their own shots. #linkinbio

    #India #UttarPradesh #sharpshooter

    ← ‘∆ § ∆′ →

    #audio #confidence #fitness #film #family #health #inspiration #lessons #Mexican #motivation #progress #permanence #philosophy #powerful #progress #revolutionary #science #solidarity #survival #unity #wisdom

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    185lb. Looking for feedback!

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  8. joel-ellie:

    !!! I hit 3 PRs today! I hit 125lbs for bench and 245lbs for deadlifts and 135lbs for front squats (not shown)

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  9. aileen-ayyy:

    Been trying to work back up my squat since I hurt my back that other week. Focusing on depth in this video.
    One of my goals for this 12-week training program was to be able to squat my weight. I was about 123 lbs for this & in the past I’ve done 2 reps @ 125 lbs. Motivated to get there again & then even heavier!

    #girlswholift #girlswithmuscles #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #squat #booty #🍑 #swole #lifting #muscle #swoleen #goals (at The Iron Asylum)

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    Annie Sakamoto

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